Finnish open data service ´Infoshare´ wins the European Commission Innovation Prize

Press Release - Finnish open data service wins European Commission prize for innovation

The European Commission has awarded Helsinki Region Infoshare with the European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration. The prize is 100,000 euro, which will be used to develop services further including access to public information about city decision-making.

The Commission’s prize was part of a public sector innovation competition and awarded in the competition’s section on services for the benefit of citizens. Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) is a service that opens public sector data for citizens. HRI compiles public datasets and makes them available online from one source. The service is provided by the region’s cities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen in cooperation with Forum Virium Helsinki. HRI is open to everybody and available to all users free of charge. The information can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. HRI already comprises more than one thousand datasets, including statistics, maps, city financial data and location information.

HRI has earned the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area a place among the pioneers in open data in Finland. Open data often refers to such crude information produced or gathered by public administration, companies, other organizations and citizens that has been made as easy as possible for anyone to use, without restriction and free of charge. Open data enhances the efficiency of public administration, increases transparency and democracy as well as triggers new services and new businesses.

An internationally unique new addition to HRI is public access to Ahjo, the electronic decision-making system of the City of Helsinki, from the service interface. SSince March 2013, Open Ahjo has made the system’s public documents and all of their attachments available from one source in a machine-readable format. Ahjo comprises all agendas and minutes of Helsinki’s City Council, City Board and other boards, and its content is produced by about 5,000 Helsinki City officers and persons of trust.

“The prize sum will be used to improve the compatibility of the Ahjo data with other city data including financial and location information as well as statistics,” says Asta Manninen, Director of City of Helsinki Urban Facts, adding that open public data should also encourage the development of new innovative services for citizens. Manninen affirms, “We intend to share our experiences with other actors in the field both nationally and internationally.”

Helsinki Region Infoshare’s European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration was accepted by Asta Manninen and Project Manager Ville Meloni of Forum Virium Helsinki at an award ceremony held in conjunction of the Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE 2013) in Cork, Ireland on 6 June 2013.

The European Commission’s innovation competition received 203 submissions from around Europe. The competition for the European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration sought new ways to improve public administration. The prize went to nine initiatives. According to the rules of the competition, the prize should be used for further development of the project and public information.

The jury selected the winning initiatives on the basis of four criteria: (1) the originality and replicability of the initiative; (2) the economic relevance for the community concerned; (3) the social relevance for the community concerned; and (4) the planned use of the prize sum.

The Helsinki Region Infoshare service makes regional information accessible to all. The data may be used by citizens, businesses, universities, academies, research facilities or municipal administration. The data on offer is ready to be used freely at no cost. The service is funded by the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen, as well as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The operative execution of the service is managed by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki.

Further information

Project Manager Ville Meloni at Forum Virium Helsinki, tel. 0400-260 000, ville.meloni(at)

European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration – Helsinki Region Infoshare

Download Finnish and Swedish versions in the attachments: HRI EU innovationspris SV, HRI EU innovaatiopalkinto

The Helsinki Region Infoshare service makes regional information accessible to all. The data may be used by citizens, businesses, universities, academies, research facilities or municipal administration. The data on offer is ready to be used freely at no cost. The service is funded by the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen, as well as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The operative execution of the service is managed by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki.

The Helsinki Region Infoshare service makes regional information accessible to all. The data may be used by citizens, businesses, universities, academies, research facilities or municipal administration. The data on offer is ready to be used freely at no cost. The service is funded by the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen, as well as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The operative execution of the service is managed by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki.


Open API energizes the PlanMill Cloud ecosystem

The PlanMill Open API seminar was held in Helsinki on February 7, 2014. The workshop and dinner get-together was participated by leading Finland-based companies who have used the PlanMill Open API to develop exciting new things like mobile apps and others.

The event was attended by PlanMill power users and executive with a pair consisting of code gurus and technology managers to get both business and tech perspectives  from our customer companies using API,” said Marjukka Niinioja, Senior Consultant & Manager who led the program.

Pasi Härme from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences supported the case on how to make it easier for PlanMill users to use the API and helping create a possible new architecture.

Priority user stories for PlanMill features were identified during the event; including Capacity and Balance Calculation, Absences, Time reports, Resource forecasting and reporting, and Tasks.

Open API energizes the PlanMill Cloud ecosystem

“The event is a prelude for PlanMill to developing the Open API 2.0.” noted PlanMill´s Marjukka Niinioja

Company cases from award-winning companies

Company cases from award-winning companies were presented

Company cases from Ambientia by Henri Sora and Futurice by Mats Malmsten were presented. “Ambientia will share commercially the results of the JIRA – PlanMill API integration with our customers – further discussions to follow,” Niinioja said.

Key features and main benefits

The goals of PlanMill API currently include the following:

  • Acquire customers via network effects, and address larger businesses
  • Open reliable API on with which to grow your business Expert talented team and support
  • Smiling mutual customers that don’t churn
  • No fees and strong SaaS network
  • 10 and growing network of SaaS partners added PlanMill’s wall of innovation

Participants were satisfied. “Thanks to PlanMill API 2.0 seminar; it is noted that the integrations are a big role in SaaS, ” said Fredrik Löfber, CEO of Integround.

What is PlanMill Open API?

PlanMill Open API (application programming interface) is a commercial add-on related to PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, and ERP. Open API enables information exchange between various business applications and PlanMill. The interface is published with some restrictions on other parties interested in developing PlanMill-compatible interfaces.

Customers who wish to use the interface coordinate dynamically with PlanMill for consulting services. Application Developers are offered an up-to-date documentation of the information content (modules, fields, lists of values).

More info: Open API documentation

Businesses Increase Revenue with Social Media: Aalto University

Researchers at Aalto University, the University at Buffalo, and Texas A&M University have proven a link between customers’ use of social media and higher revenue, their press office announced on March 25, 2013.

“Now there is proof that customers who engage with a business through social media contribute more to the bottom line than customers who do not”, said Ashish Kumar, assistant professor of marketing at Aalto University.

“Our study showed that social media activities help strengthen the bond between the customer and the firm. Participating customers on a firm’s social media site contribute 5.6% more revenue and visit the business about 5% more than non-participating customers”, he explained.

Follow PlanMill on Twitter

Follow PlanMill on Twitter

In the past there was no individual-level data that connected a customer’s participation in a firm-hosted social media site and their actual purchase behaviors. Companies questioned whether there was any return on their investment of resources to operate their social media site.

This study proves that building online communities, personalizing messages and encouraging contributions from online members enhances the customer experience as well as increases the frequency of social media visits and promotes sales overall. Such data is important to confirm the pay-offs of social media efforts by firms.

The research showed that the keys to success include maintaining a user-friendly site, sending regular updates about events, personalizing key messages to customers and encouraging interaction from them. By fostering an online relationship, customers can be segmented depending upon their purchase history and prior interactions to determine which customers would be best to target with this marketing effort. It is important to note that not all customers respond to social media efforts equally. This makes market segmentation essential.

As a result of this study, business managers now have a better understanding of the return on their investment in social media. They also now know there is a direct correlation between social media participation and the number of items a customer puts in their shopping basket and subsequently purchases. By capitalizing on this knowledge, marketing can be focused on creating and nurturing the social media communities that generate the most profits.

This study has been published in a special issue of the journal Information Systems Research on ‘Social Media and Business Transformation’; conducted by Ashish Kumar from Aalto University in collaboration with Rishika Rishika and Ramkumar Janakiraman from Texas A&M University, and Ram Bezawada from the University at Buffalo, New York.

Download Article: Rishika, Rishika; Kumar, Ashish; Janakiraman, Ramkumar; Bezawada, Ram: The Effect of Customers’ Social Media Participation on Customer Visit Frequency and Profitability: An Empirical Investigation. Published in Information Systems Research, March 2013.

Companies can generate and achieve concrete revenues with skillful social media

It´s been said people aren’t going to join a group to hear about your company, but will actively join groups that focus on specific topics that interest them. Proof of concepts are  within success stories of over 100 companies currently using PlanMill, who have activated social media in PlanMill systems.

Available since 2009, here’s 2-3 easy steps to view and interact with your social and business networks right within PlanMill! Twitter and LinkedIn widgets can be added to My Workspace using custom parameters. Here’s how:

View demo of PlanMill with LinkedIn and Google Maps!

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Free online access at 20 airports in Finland

Free WiFi access for passengers at Helsinki Airport a huge success

Free online access is available at these airports: Helsinki Airport, Helsinki-Malmi, Ivalo, Joensuu, JyvaskylaKajaani, Kemi-Tornio, Kittila, Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Kuopio, Kuusamo, Lappeenranta, Mariehamn, Oulu, Pori, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Tampere-Pirkkala, Turku, and Vaasa.

Mobile Internet or WLAN - that's enough to experience powerful PlanMill systems in your fingertips!

Experience powerful PlanMill systems in your fingertips!

Finavia, which maintains airports in Finland, provides a free-of-charge wireless network at 20 airports. The online access is free and unlimited. Users may surf the Internet for as long as they like and to their preferred extent. The online access is available for all passengers and everyone waiting for them, or accompanying them to the airport.

It is easy to use the wireless online connection. When the computer is in the airport’s wireless network area, a message about the airport’s online connection will automatically appear on the computer screen. The connection appears as Free Wi-Fi – Finavia Airports and at Helsinki Airport as Free Wi-Fi – Helsinki Airport. No credentials are required for login. (Source:

PlanMill Mobile in Apple Ipad

Just visit the PlanMill site on your mobile device, and you’re good to go!

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Kirjoitin kolumnin vuoden 2013 ensimmäiseen Tekniikka & Talous -lehteen. Kiireisille lukijoille lyhyt yhteenveto tässä, ja varsinainen pidempi teksti alla:

  • Suomen pelastamiseen tarjotaan ratkaisuksi 200,000 perinteisen alan työpaikkaa palveluissa ja teollisuudessa, mikä on hyvin haastava tavoite.
  • Suomen pelastusraporteissa on kaikissa sivuutettu startup-yritykset lähinnä kiinnostavana kuriositeettina. Raporteissa on näin unohdettu yksi keskeisimmistä uuden maailmantalouden vetureista.
  • Startup-yrityksissä työn tuottavuus on noin 10-kertaista verrattuna palveluihin ja teollisuuteen. Siksi 20,000 työpaikkaa näissä korkean tuottavuuden yrityksissä pelastaa Suomen ja on realistinen tavoite.

- -


Suomessa on ahkerasti selvitetty miten romahtamassa olevan hyvinvointiyhteiskuntamme rahoitus turvataan. Kerron teille nyt ainoan mahdollisuutemme, jonka kaikki ovat sivuuttaneet. Väitän, että startup-yritykset pelastavat Suomen kasvattamalla työn tuottavuutta.

Tähän mennessä ehdotetut ratkaisut ovat menneestä maailmasta. Konsulttiyhtiö McKinsey ansiokkaasti lanseerasi käsitteen kantosuhde: jotta yksityinen sektori voi elättää muut, täytyy luoda 200,000 uutta työpaikkaa vuoteen 2020 mennessä. McKinseyn mukaan 70% uusista työpaikoista tulee paikallisista palveluista ja valtaosa lopuista pääomaintensiivisen…

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Season’s Greetings 2012 from PlanMill!

Thank you for your contribution towards excellent service business. Remember our best news in 2012?

Success in ICT segments during 2012

Welcome to our newest Customers & Partners. We now serve over 20, 000 users in 100 countries. We moved to our new premises this summer due to our strong growth, expecting even bigger things in 2013!

Innovations for B2B and Commitment to Mobility for Enterprises

Your brilliant ideas and valuable customer feedback continue to inspire us to deliver new capabilities to create more powerful user experience – intutive, scalable, and easy-to-use within PlanMill New Ideas community service.

This year, we focus on innovations in the next generation PlanMill Mobile as pioneers in leveraging robust solutions to B2B customers. Our top product of choice for our new and upgrading customers is the PlanMill ERP - Try for free.

Kudos to 11 Years in Service Business

We celebrated our 11th year anniversary – thanks to you and kudos to our staff, customers, and friends who made this amazing journey possible.

More talented people joined us in Sales, Customer Care, and in R & D — welcome!

For the latest innovations on the Cloud or On-Premise, join the conversation in our BlogTwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook!

PlanMill wishes you a relaxing and festive season with donation to The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Lahti. Click here to view our interactive greeting card. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013!

CEO Thomas Hood & PlanMill Team

Accelerating Your Success

December 6 is a public holiday in Finland

Dear customers and friends,

The PlanMill Office is closed on December 6, Thursday to observe a nationwide Independence Day celebration in Finland. We will be back on Friday, December 7, 2012.

The PlanMill Team

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!


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