Just visit the PlanMill site on your phone’s browser, and you’re good to go!

With PlanMill Mobile, there’s no need to download anything. This mobile web app solution allows users to create and edit Actions, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Requests and time reports (Time). The next generation web-based PlanMill Mobile is available as an add-on for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA and ERP. See video

Spend more time in customer offices than your own? – Try our basic Mobile quiz!

How Finland Uses Facebook – Infographic

Are companies in Finland visible to the 800 million active Facebook users? (see Facebook Statistics belowRecent study shows only seven percent of the country’s population is considered to be among the most active users of Facebook. Source: Verkostoanatomia and Hill + Knowlton

 More facts  from a post by David Cohen at  AllFacebook

Social media is a Key Feature in PlanMill 

We consider Marketing and Advertising people to be part of our customer segment and we make it a mission to help them grow in size and profitability by using PlanMill systems.

It is easy to list all social media information of all contacts and accounts in PlanMill. When you create or edit a new contact or account, make sure to fill in and enter the web addresses or social media channels where you intend to interact with your new or existing contacts or accounts.

Form View of Communication for Contacts in PlanMill

Under Communication, write the Instant Messaging details such as Skype, MSN, Google Talk, and ICQ. Below Social Media, write web addresses or URL sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Blog. In addition, you can select in the drop-down menu the name of company wiki where you want the contact to be allowed access.

Using the PlanMill Accounts or Contacts, a person’s social media profiles can be viewed within the system.

Latest Facebook Statistics

People on Facebook

  • More than 800 million active users
  • More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends

Activity on Facebook

  • More than 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
  • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
  • On average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day

Global Reach

  • More than 70 languages available on the site
  • Approximately 80% of users are outside of the United States
  • Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application


  • On average, people on Facebook install apps more than 20 million times every day
  • Every month, more than 500 million people use an app on Facebook or experience Facebook Platform on other websites
  • More than 7 million apps and websites are integrated with Facebook


  • More than 350 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices
  • More than 475 mobile operators globally work to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products

Tell us what you think and add your comments below. Finnish and English comments will be answered! :)

Kudos to excellent service business as PlanMill celebrates 10 years!

Over 10, 000 commercial users in 100 companies located in 25 countries rely everyday on PlanMill Cloud Solutions for CRM, PROJECTPSA and ERP  to grow their business.  Today, we celebrate our 10th year anniversary hosted by CEO Thomas Hood.

See key milestones of PlanMill  in service business since 2001. Listen to Thomas talk about his more than 20+ years of passion and learn from his experiences of Finnish innovations to service business. 

Congrats to the 18 super staff who are present! Kippis! Skål! Cheers! We are here to serve you better! View more photos in our Facebook pages and become a fan!

Is Finland a “backwater” in electronic invoicing?

We all know that e-billing, e-invoicing, or eInvoice has a positive impact on the environment due to its being paperless by nature (Wikipedia). Significantly, the shift from paper billing to electronic invoicing nowadays is also widely accepted internationally by consumers and the business community with 77% of business owners favoring electronic billing (Kiplinger).

Here’s the bad news

A report by Finland’s leading business daily Kauppalehti last Tuesday  revealed however that Finnish companies and consumers do not adequately take advantage of electronic invoicing and are considerably worse than the European average. “The popularity of e-invoicing in Finland is significantly lower than in many other European countries. For British companies, nearly 90 percent are able to send electronic invoices to their clients. In Estonia, the figure is 82, Denmark 68 and Germany 60 percent. In Finland, the corresponding figure is only 44 per cent.”

Findings emerged from a survey commissioned by Itella involving 16 countries from Europe, over 9 000  consumers, and 4 765 business decision-makers (Source in Finnish: “Suomi on takapajula – tälläkin mittarilla“)

…and some good news!

Do you need to save time, money, and space with an effective e-invoicing service? Does your company urgently need a streamlined way to manage quote-to order-to-bill process?

Enjoy 30-Day Free Trial with PlanMill Add-ons!

Check out optional add-ons/ extensions for PlanMill CRMPROJECTPSA and ERP with relevant infrastructure components for unique company needs – on the Cloud or On-Premise!

PlanMill Sales Order –  simple quote and sales order management solution

PlanMill Sales Order is completely integrated to PlanMill Business Application Suite (BAS) and related to modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Requests, Projects and Products. View demo

  • maximize invoicing accuracy by integrating all business processes, from quote to order to bill.
  • eliminate the risk of error with centralized customer records that are shared across the business.
  • bill customers on a one-time or recurring basis.
  • manage different customer, billing and shipping related information.
  • manage and automate different payments, whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

See also demos for related add-ons such as:

PlanMill Products

PlanMill Contracts

PlanMill E-invoicelets you enjoy automatic and hassle-free invoicing

A worldwide network of tens of thousands of organizations – all with one connection!

 Streamline corporate invoicing in one click!

Streamline corporate invoicing in one click!

PlanMill E-invoice enables easy sending and visualization of electronic invoices within a worldwide network. This is the most easy and cost-effective solution for e-invocing by automating your entire invoice process. Created in collaboration with software company Basware Plc, this is available immediately and can be implemented quickly. Learn more from Finvoice-verkkolasku.

  • a monitored service that ensures that electronic invoices are delivered to multiple suppliers and customers through one connection quickly and safely.
  • electronic invoicing can include images and attachments in the same way as a paper invoice.
  • electronic invoice is VAT compliant and a digital signature can be attached to the invoice to guarantee the integrity of the invoice content.

…now get ready to take control of your entire services business!

Happy Birthday, PlanMill!

Although PlanMill enjoys more than 20+ years of passion and innovation to service business, today we observe our 9th year of fully independent operation. Read Key Milestones of PlanMill

2001: PlanMill Ltd was established October 1, 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of Westend ICT Plc (former TJ Group Plc). Thomas Hood was named as CEO. New 100 % PSA and service business related focus and first PSA Suite related product family were introduced. 


Thanks from the PlanMill Team!


Kudos to our dynamic PlanMill Team! Our success is shared with our clients, customers, and partners for their continuos support and commitment for excellence in service business!

PlanMill Release 12.7 with NEW Sales Order & Finance Connector for Netvisor

PlanMill Release 12.7 & new Sales Order & Finance Connector for Netvisor add-ons available now! http://ht.ly/2uHuD #PlanMill #Cloud

Cloud users on Finnish trains enjoy free wireless internet onboard!

Great news for all users of PlanMill Business Application Suite on the Cloud!

All passengers on high-speed Pendolino trains in Finland will soon be able to use free wireless internet onboard, according to Finnish news agency YLE in today’s news “Train Passengers Get Free Wireless through End of Year”.

“Previously, only first-class passengers were granted access to the service.” As the main transportation company in Finland, VR also plans to “install wireless on all Intercity long-distance trains by the end of 2011.”

PlanMill customers, which include more than 10,000 users from 100 most successful leading IT and professional service organizations around the world mostly have headquarters in Finland and Europe.

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Calendars, Contracts, and Products are NEW PlanMill Add-ons!

Read more News Highlights in PlanMill Release 12.5

PlanMill Ltd. announces on March 16, 2010 the general availability of PlanMill Release 12.5 for existing and new users. The latest release includes PlanMill Calendars, Contracts, and Products as the latest add-ons. Moreover, new PlanMill Connectors are now available for Wintime HR, Intrum Justitia, and Atlassian Crowd.

Download pdfs of PlanMill 12.5 Screen Gallery or PlanMill Release Notes 12.5 to find out more!

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Harnessing the Power of Social Media in B2B

Companies can generate and achieve concrete revenues with skillful social media

Have you added Google Maps, Twitter and LinkedIn to your dashboards in PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, PSA & ERP?

Enjoy FREE Trial today if you haven’t and experience firsthand how social media can benefit your service business!

Deliver real-time knowledge within your company today using top social media tools within PlanMill systems!

Proof of concepts are  within success stories of over 100 companies currently using PlanMill. View demo of PlanMill with LinkedIn and Google Maps!

Activate social media in PlanMill systems

Available for PlanMill customers since 16.9.2009 with Release 12.1, here’s 2-3 easy steps to view and interact with your social and business networks right within PlanMill! Twitter and LinkedIn widgets can be added to My Workspace using custom parameters. Here’s how:

Stories about Social Media ROI abound online, so here’s a few succinct points on how business-to -business high technology companies achieve results.

“People aren’t going to join a group to hear about your company, but will actively join groups that focus on specific topics that interest them.”

Lessons Learned by Kim Cornwall Malseed:

  1. Social media must be ingrained in a company’s culture, it’s not just a strategy
  2. Social media won’t be effective without a very strong content strategy
  3. Before venturing into social media: Have a plan for how to deal with people making negative comments about you, company, or organization so everyone knows who will respond and what actions to take (and not take). Be ready, be quick to respond, and be genuine but recognize there will always be people that will never be happy no matter what you do. Deal with the “haters” respectfully but focus on those who are positive in order to establish and build a following. Train employees taking part on behalf of company on how to use tools (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, etc.) and guidelines for type of content to share and how to interact with prospects, customers, partners, and others
  4. When providing content to several different communities, offer exclusive access to some content to one community for a limited time, and exclusive access to other content to another community for a limited time, in order to achieve higher perceived value and keep people engaged long-term
  5. “Happy accidents” are common when experimenting with social media, don’t be afraid to try and test new ideas.

“The digital world is all about 0′s and 1′s. You are either ARE or you ARE NOT. And in my opinion, it is better to be than not to be.” Anssi Vanjoki EVP Nokia Markets in Conversation is the New Conversion.


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